Best POS software in Pakistan 2023

February 6, 2023E-commerce

Operating a retail store is not an easy task. It demands a diverse range of marketing, management, and administrative skills. Retailers need sufficient inventory and monthly sales reports. With efficient POS software in Pakistan, businesses can seamlessly run these operations. An introduction to POS POS software is a software system used in retail stores to …

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scm (supply chain management)

What Is Supply Chain Management?

October 3, 2022E-commerce

Supply chain management, in the context of eCommerce, is the control of the movement of products and services between establishments. The management and storage of raw materials, inventories for work-in-progress, finished goods, and also the complete order fulfillment process comes all under one roof. A supply chain is the network of all the people, businesses, …

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SaaS (Software as a service) image

What Is SaaS?

September 20, 2022E-commerce

SaaS stands for software as a service which means providing applications as a service through the internet. You don’t need to go through the complex software and hardware management, you can access it anywhere anytime via the internet. What is SaaS Inventory Management? SaaS inventory management system that may be accessed on almost any desktop …

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Inventory system

Top 10 Best inventory management system in 2022

September 19, 2022E-commerce

You can forecast your future sales, help consumers identify products more quickly, and restock your shelves before you run out of stock by keeping track of your inventory. Since this process is not simple, there are many different types and strategies of the Inventory management system to take into account depending on your unique business …

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Inventory interface system

Inventory Management System Interface

September 13, 2022E-commerce

Any successful retail organization depends on a reliable inventory management system (IMS). Every IMS delivers the fundamental capability of inventory tracking and order management and some also provide more sophisticated capabilities like demand planning, e-commerce connection, and data visualization. The inventory management system interface the main objective is to make it as easy and effective …

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Requirements For Inventory Management System

Requirements For Inventory Management System

September 5, 2022E-commerce

Requirements for an Inventory include all those products or materials that a company plans to resell to customers for a profit. Raw materials, semi-finished goods, work-in-progress inventories, finished parts and components, finalized final products, etc. are all considered to be in inventory and are kept in storage for use or marketing. Purpose of inventory management …

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Inventory management control and process

Inventory Management Control And Process

August 30, 2022E-commerce

Inventory is typically used to refer to the total amount of goods and commodities in hand. Raw materials or finished goods that are for sale, ready-to-use components for production, or goods that are being created all fall under the category of inventory. Inventory management control exists in many forms and types in different businesses. The …

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Types of inventory management

Types Of Inventory Management System

August 29, 2022E-commerce

In an inventory management system, different software programs are combined to keep track of stock levels and stock movements. The solution can be integrated with shipping or multichannel sales platforms. At the very moment, one understands the meaning of an inventory management system the first thought that arises after that is what is the significance …

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Stock Management

Stock Management

August 11, 2022E-commerce

Ordering, storing, monitoring, and controlling inventory are all aspects of stock management. Management of inventories is necessary for all materials, from raw materials to finished goods that a company utilizes to create its goods or provide its services. So stock management encompasses all aspects of a company’s inventory. Different types of stock The four primary …

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