Daraz Commission Rates for Affiliate Marketers in 2022

December 12, 2022Daraz

Before we start learning about the Daraz commission calculator and Affiliate Marketing on Daraz, let us first have a brief introduction to the platform itself. In Pakistan, Daraz has cemented its name as one of the best e-commerce platforms with tons of opportunities for POS retailers and local people alike, to sell their products efficiently, all over Pakistan.

Daraz provides a Launchpad for in numerable sellers by giving them a place to sell effectively while giving the same access to buyers to select and purchase quality products with a tap on their smartphone screens, from the very comfort of their homes.

With over 200,000 active sellers, Daraz has more than 15 million plus products on Daraz. In Pakistan, the platform currently has roughly 25 million buyers which it has gained over the course of the years. Worthy of mention is that Daraz boasts over 50 Million application downloads.

How does Daraz PK earn money?

Daraz earns through many sources but firstly, it earns through the commission of sellers. Furthermore, Daraz earns with Google ads e.g., advertising campaigns, social media platforms (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn), and so on.

Daraz Affiliate marketing and Daraz selling Commission

Daraz commission

If you are an affiliate marketer and looking for a Daraz commission, then you need to understand how the seller commission rates depend on the products and their specific areas of launch and sales.

In Pakistan, Daraz is arguably one of the best if not the best performing eCommerce platforms of the modern era.

Providing exclusive benefits to all who work with it, the platform has garnered a mass following of users and affiliate marketers allowing them to become part of a top marketplace in the country.

With more than 1 lac registered sellers currently operating, Daraz has cemented its name as one the most well-known affiliate marketing websites in Pakistan, attracting over 4 million organic visitors.

It’s pretty evident that with Daraz there are a myriad of opportunities for digital and affiliate marketers just waiting for the right user to grab.

You can also avail the Daraz affiliate marketing program and make a decent living or keep it as a side hustle by selling more than 50 million products in 100 different categories.

In view of comparison to other affiliate marketing platforms, Daraz has been garnering a lot of trust by paying commissions on a monthly basis.

The commission rates for Daraz sellers differ with respect to time and product categories. For example, Daraz’s commission rates are ABC for a specific area for a particular product. While in another location, the same product would give an XYZ commission.

Daraz Seller Commission Rate Structure in Pakistan 2022

As a Daraz seller in Pakistan, you have the opportunity to earn a commission in 2022 by leveraging the platform’s features and services. To take advantage of this opportunity, you’ll need to create a seller account, set up your product listings, and manage your orders. Once you’ve done this, you can start earning a commission by selling products on Daraz. The amount of commission you can earn will depend on the type of product you’re selling, the price you set, and the number of orders you receive.

Additionally, Daraz offers a range of promotional tools to help you boost your sales and increase your commission. With the right strategy, you can maximize your earnings on the platform in 2022.

There are countless affiliate marketers in Pakistan out there earning quite a handsome seller commission rate with Daraz right now. Though, it should be born in mind that Daraz offers dual services (as a marketer or as a seller) for affiliate marketing. Each seller is bound to pay Daraz some dividend on each sale. And every affiliate marketer is bound to pay the seller a commission for promoting and selling products through their website, blog, or social media channel.

How to Earn a Commission from Daraz Affiliate Marketing?

affiliate marketing

There are tons of people earning commissions by promoting Daraz’s products on their websites and social media pages. To not miss this easy opportunity, all you need to do is sign up for Daraz.

Here are some steps for you to follow

  • Click on the signup link, https://bit.ly/Daraz AffiliateSign Fill out the form carefully, and mention your website/ page/ or app where you will promote Daraz products.
  • Mention the organic traffic of your website and your business type
  • Click on signup for Daraz affiliate marketing.

Once you are done with the signup process, Daraz will verify your selection for Daraz Affiliate Marketing through email. Bear in mind that the Daraz seller commission rates are considered only after you are done with the selection of promoting Daraz products. At the time of signing up, there will be an option for commission rates.

But that is not all; let us show you a tool that will make the counting commission rate a piece of the cake.

Say hello to the Daraz Commission Calculator

As stated earlier, Daraz Commission Calculator is a revolutionary tool that aids sellers to calculate their margin. Before they decide to sell their products. The Daraz commission calculator can and does provide all the information about how much should an affiliate marketer expect to earn in terms of commission for all the products that he or she has managed to procure in their catalog and sell on Daraz’s platform.

Another thing to bear in mind while considering the world of e-commerce is that commission is a percentage of the sale price not the entire profit of one’s products in the inventory. It can also be defined as the percentage taken off the cost of an item or calculated on the amount before taxes. You can calculate it in three ways:

  • Through direct subtraction of the percentage from the total cost of a product
  • Through the division of sales tax or by multiplying with the sale price before taxes.
  • (The cost of an item) – (commission percentage) = (sale price).

In a nutshell, Daraz keeps a small amount of commission on each item. The seller sells and the commission rates are thus calculated based on the product type and the type of customer account. The percentage of commission can be calculated as follows:

Product Type – Commission

  • Retailer – 10%
  • Individual – 15%
  • Premium Individual – 25%

What is the Daraz commission rate?

Daraz commission rate

The Daraz commission rate is the amount of commission that the seller gives to Daraz for each successful transaction. The amount may depend on a variety of factors such as category, weight, and product type.

Daraz commission rate list 2022

The new Daraz Commission Rate list 2022 will help you save even more. We offer a commission rate of 8% on all products with Daraz cash back (up to Rs. 3,500) and we deliver your purchase in less than 2 hours.” “Offer valid for orders over Rs. 3,500.”The rate is applicable on first purchase only and subject to change without prior notice.”

Marketplace commission structure

If you want to watch the complete Daraz commission rate list for 2022 so visit this link:

Market structure comission


Benefits of Daraz Calculator

Daraz Calculator has the following Benefits:

Daraz calculator tells sellers how much they are earning on each product after giving a fee to daraz. It also helps sellers if they are earning profit or loss on the product. In addition, if they are earning profit how much margin they are keeping?

How can I check my Daraz Commission?

There are the following procedures to check Daraz’s commission:

  • Go To Daraz seller center
  • Login into the Daraz seller account
  • Then go to setting
  • Open profile
  • And then go to the commission

Now you can see all the category commission rates of Daraz. And when you select the category you can see the commission of each product in that category.

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