Daraz Profit Calculator

It’s an online tool that enables sellers to calculate and compare their profit margins. The calculator allows sellers to select the category of products they are selling, and then input their sales price, taxes, and fees. The calculator then calculates the net profit on the sale



This includes the fees that Daraz charges for its services. This includes the fees for listing a product, listing a promotional offer, and any additional fees for a featured listing or other services.


This includes any additional fees that the seller may incur from selling on Daraz, such as payment processing fees, shipping costs, and returns.

The commission rate for each category varies, depending on the type of product being sold.

  1. General Items: General items are products that are listed on Daraz in the normal way. They are not featured or promoted in any way, and the commission rate for these items is 7%.
  2. Promotional Items: Promotional items are products that are featured on Daraz in some way, such as through a sale or promotion. The commission rate for these items is 8%.
  3. Featured Items: Featured items are products that are prominently displayed on Daraz. The commission rate for these items is 10%.


Calculator Features

Daraz Profit Calculator has several features that make it easy for sellers to calculate their profits. These features include:

Automated calculations:

The calculator automatically calculates the net profit on the sale, taking into account taxes, fees, and commissions.

Detailed breakdown:

The calculator provides a detailed breakdown of the costs associated with the sale, including taxes, fees, and commissions.

Product category selection:

Sellers can select the product category they are selling and the calculator will adjust the fees accordingly.

Compare profits:

Sellers can compare the profits of different products side by side, allowing them to determine which products are more profitable.