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How to become a seller on Daraz?

October 18, 2022Daraz

Do you own a small or medium-sized business and want to optimize its potential by working from home? Daraz is one of Pakistan’s most popular e-commerce sites. Daraz has become the ultimate pick for all sizes of businesses to target wider audiences after being acquired by the Alibaba group.

The Daraz seller center enables sellers to sign up and handle their orders. Daraz provides you with an excellent chance to sell online in Pakistan and re-establish your business as a number one seller on Daraz!

Daraz is the leading virtual marketplace in South Asia, most prominent and valuable in Pakistan, with over 20 million products in 100+ categories available on its website and app.

Daraz’s goal in this cutting-edge technology era is to facilitate and equip every single seller to connect with millions of customers. Therefore, join Pakistan’s largest online website and grow your company there to take full advantage of Daraz’s support.

Why Sell on Daraz?

Sell on the number one leading Marketplace in Pakistan and access millions of customers right away by registering at Daraz seller center in only 5 minutes.

Country-wide access

Reach Millions of buyers on Pakistan’s most popular shopping site, Daraz

Free Signup and Listing

Account creation and listing products for sale are completely free.

Reliable Delivery

Through the Daraz logistic network, delivery is quick, independent, and hassle-free.

Quick Payments

Each week, money is securely transferred into your bank account.

Tools for Marketing

Utilize advertising and the entire suite of marketing tools to gain more clients and expand your business.

Support & Training

Get free e-commerce training, seller support, and assistance from Daraz University.

Daraz Seller Center

Daraz offers a modest way to boost Daraz sellers’ marketing campaign process by establishing a Daraz Seller Center. The CEO of Daraz Bjarke Mikkelsen claims Daraz is a challenging market to operate.

The Daraz seller Center is a hub on the Daraz website that identifies the seller team as a member of the Daraz team. The Daraz seller Center cover page will appear after you have entered the homepage of Daraz as a seller.

It is a tool for Daraz sellers that operates in their best interests. It is a large and vital part of Daraz.com because it is the mainstream that establishes the criteria for a vast diversity and range of items between the buyer and seller.

Here is a comprehensive guide to assisting you in effectively managing your Daraz Seller Account in order to fulfill the Daraz Seller Center’s criteria and provide a user experience that enhances the value of your brand.

Daraz Seller Center Basic Requirements

The following are the basic requirements for setting up your seller center:

National Identity Card (CNIC)

Email Address

Bank Account Number

After you’ve set up your seller center, you must use the same account to order packaging from Daraz. It will help you get Daraz seller central approval quicker.

Create an account on Daraz Seller Center

Do not worry if you are unfamiliar with how to launch your store on Daraz. It is quite convenient to create a store on the Daraz Seller Center!

Simply grab your phone and send the following message:  “Daraz” space “Name” to 7575! Otherwise, you can sign up on the Daraz platform seller registration page.

It’s easy to register as a seller on Daraz and sell your items using the Daraz Seller Center. 

Three simple steps to start selling

Daraz Seller Center

Simply follow these three steps to start selling

Register a new account and list your items

  1. Visit the Daraz website to fill out the registration form 
  • Create your account simply using a mobile number or email
  • You can use both the website and Daraz App to create an account
  1. Enter the required information in respective fields
  • Provide personal information 
  • Provide store information
  • Provide business address 
  • Provide CNIC info
  • Provide your bank account details
  1. Give a detailed description of the items you want to list for the Daraz Seller Center
  • List your products
  • Give short & long description
  • Go Live

Accept orders and sell all over Pakistan

  1. You can begin to sell once you’ve published a listing of your items along with your information.
  2. Use the Daraz app or web portal to access Daraz Seller Center so you are able to handle customers’ orders.
  3. Once you receive the customer’s order, pack the item and Daraz will handle the procedure of shipping and transit.

Receive payments and expand your brand

  1. Get your payments directly deposited into your account.
  2. Keep increasing sales to grow your business.

Use Daraz Seller App for Free

The Daraz Seller app is brimming with tools to support managing and expanding your eCommerce business from anywhere. You have the freedom to handle business matters directly from your phone thanks to the free service of the Daraz Seller App. Simply sign in using the credentials of the newly created account for the Daraz seller center.

Adding Products to Your Daraz Seller Center

You can move on to the following step after confirming your email address and phone number. Give as much information as you can about your products in order to sell them on Daraz. You will get access to your dashboard, where you can add the items and add the following information about the products you want to sell.

Select Category

Selecting the best-match category for your product is critical. The website will also give tips on which type you must select.

Name the Product

Choose a short and simple name for your product that is easily remembered by your customers.

Select Brand

If your product is associated with a specific brand, enter the name here; alternatively, select ‘No Brand’.

URL for the video

Most sellers have a video describing or showcasing the product’s features. If you have such a video, enter the URL in this field; or, leave this field empty.

Highlight the features

It is best to highlight the features of your product in form of bullet points for easy understanding.

Product Basics

Write down all the basic specifications of your product, like product model, type, color, and so on.

What’s in the box section

It is critical to list down all the exact components of the product that a customer will receive upon buying from your store. Your box must include everything you mentioned here and avoid any misinformation.

Upload Media

You may upload up to eight (8) realistic images of your product here. Make sure to include every aspect of your product in this section 

Turn on Availability

Select this option to indicate that this item is available for purchase. You must turn the availability option off if your item is no longer available.

Product Pricing and Quantity

Set fair and desired pricing for your product according to the quantity.

Service and Delivery Details

Enter the parcel weight, return policy, size, and other details in this section.

New Seller Challenges and Rewards

Are you a new Daraz seller? Do you intend to start off strong and elevate your performance?

In such cases, New Seller challenges & rewards are the ideal read for you. Reach the levels we’ve established for your sales growth to be eligible to receive free shipping offers that will assist you in expanding your Daraz business.

How does it function?

You have 90 days to complete the nine challenges for a total of three rewards. Three challenges must be completed in order to receive your reward. Once your store is verified, you will have 90 days to accomplish these challenges.

Please take note. You will also have four months to redeem the rewards you win. For example, if you earned a prize on the 30th day of the verification, you will just have 90 days to claim it.

Challenge 1:

Visit the Daraz University Website

Challenge 2:

Upload good-quality content for 3 products

Challenge 3:

Order Packaging Material with the Daraz logo

You become eligible to receive the first reward after completing these three challenges.

Reward 1:You will receive a free shipping promo for a certain amount. 

Challenge 4:

Offer Free Shipping

Challenge 5:

Participate in the Daraz campaigns

Challenge 6:

Use Instant Chat Feature

You become eligible to receive a second reward after completing these three challenges.

Reward 2: You will receive a free shipping promo 3x the first reward.

Challenge 7:

Create collectible vouchers

Challenge 8:

Use your Seller Picks quota

Challenge 9: Use Business Advisor

You become eligible to receive the third reward after completing these three challenges.

Reward 3: You will receive a free shipping promo 2x the second reward.

Why should you take part?

Not only do you receive the best training to help you be an eCommerce expert, but you also receive free shipping promotions from Daraz!

Provide Free Shipping

Increase the number of customers & visitors

Increase the number of orders.

Establish a new store on Daraz Seller Center

Do you want to establish a brand new business on Daraz Seller Center, but you have no products for your store? You don’t need to worry.

We have a perfect solution to your problem. Just follow these two simple steps to select hot-selling products on the Daraz Seller center. First, do product hunting, then spend time researching product souring. You can get professional services on freelancer platforms as well to get this work done for you. 

Product Hunting for Daraz Store

If you haven’t decided which products to sell on Daraz, it is easy to find them. You can use tools like Jarvis or hunt manually to finalize a good-quality product that will finally result in earnings. You can also outsource product-hunting tasks to an expert if you want to.

Products Sourcing for Daraz Store

If you know where you can get the products to sell, it is a good idea to start sourcing locally. Once you start to receive enough orders, you can source them from B2B platforms like Ali Baba, Chinese Market, etc.

Daraz Seller Center Model

It is most important to choose a model for your Daraz seller center. There are multiple approaches to get started with Daraz like fulfillment by the merchant, fulfillment by Daraz, and Daraz Private label.

Daraz FBM

With the Daraz FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant) fulfillment approach, a Daraz seller is in charge of using his own resources to dispatch the orders directly to customers.

A seller is responsible for keeping, controlling, and managing his stock. A seller doesn’t really pay Daraz any warehousing or service charges when using FBM.

Daraz FBD

In the fulfillment by Daraz approach, Daraz receives your products and handles pick, pack, and shipping on your behalf. It promises better service and quick delivery. They take care of your returned items and failed deliveries using the Daraz FBD service.

Daraz PL

A seller uses the Daraz PL (Private Label) selling model or technique to buy goods from a different manufacturer and then sell them on Daraz with his own label or trademark.

To offer various products on Daraz, the majority of Daraz retailers employ the private label technique.

They buy goods in bulk from a local marketplace at cheap rates, label them as their own brand, set their own profit margins, and sell on Daraz. Alibaba also allows buyers to purchase goods in bulk to do so.

Benefits to Become a Seller on Daraz

Here is a long list of benefits Daraz offers!

  • As a matter of fact, we can state that Pakistan’s economy lies in eCommerce sites as the world increasingly relies on advanced technologies.
  • Daraz offers live streaming just like anyone can watch World Cup T20 2022 cricket matches.
  • Daraz offers ticket discounts on purchasing products.
  • Daraz enables you to buy products from any niche, category or type.
  • Daraz has simplified the transaction process throughout Pakistan.
  • The Daraz interface is User Friendly
  • Daraz is a company that can move a million parcels only in one day

You can now experience what it’s like to work with the world’s premier online commerce technology and logistics thanks to Daraz i.e. acquired by the Alibaba Group, which makes it simple to grow your business from the convenience of your home!

Here’s how Daraz strives to make creating your online store on one of the biggest marketplaces a quick and easy procedure for anyone looking to launch their own small business!

Benefits to join Daraz Seller Center

There are the following benefits to join the daraz seller center:

Business Support

Business support

On Daraz, a variety of small- to medium-sized companies from all across Pakistan can open stores with individual one-on-one assistance, where sellers can get free consultancy services any time of day or night.

Additionally, to help with the optimization of the online stores, sellers and business owners will have access to comprehensive analytics tools.



Daraz features programs to make money easier by charging 0% commission. Both current and potential sellers will have their commission fees eliminated! In addition, you receive free pick-up and storage, earn promotional credits, and receive discounted packaging.

Seller Center Training

Seller center training

If you’re just getting started with your online business, Daraz offers free seller Center training and online seller learning through webinars and educational resources produced by its own Daraz University.

Quick Registration

Quick registeration

Daraz offers quick registration for all new sellers, allowing you to launch your venture and begin selling on the platform in less than two days.

Free advertising campaigns

Free advertising campaigns

You can improve traffic to your Daraz online store with free in-app advertising. And all of that without any fees so that our Daraz vendors may attract more customers to their Daraz stores.

Daraz guarantees that with its unique offered programs, thousands of SMEs will be able to market their businesses. And get back on their feet, and grow their businesses thanks to an increase in e-commerce with Daraz.

So, join the Daraz Seller Program to enhance your business growth. Daraz Seller Center is created exclusively for Sellers to provide the opportunity so they can reach international clientage.

On Daraz you receive the payments for your products immediately in your account. Daraz allows you to take orders and sell all over Pakistan. NVNTRI is the best solution to manage one or more than one Daraz stores.

Even if you don’t have a Daraz store, you don’t need to worry, NVNTRI enables you to create a Daraz store directly. You can use the NVNRTI web portal or download Android App now to manage your Daraz Seller Center.


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