What One-Spot Inventory Management Solution Offers?

Find out how online e-commerce stores integration can help you expand and make your business take place in the competitive market.

Multi-Daraz Store

Grow your business and expand your sales online by reaching out multiple stores at same platform


NVNTRI is an omni-channel platform that allows smooth integration and management of woo-commerce site for better visibility and improved revenue


Nvntri is an omni-channel platform that allows easy integration and management of multiple shopify store to create new channel for millions of business

Local Store Management

This dynamic management feature allows you to stock and keep track of your local store

App Integration

Increase your sales using website and app. One-spot inventory management system allows you to sync your data with the system

SKU Generator

One-Spot inventory management system SKU Generator is a free tool that helps you to generate SKU for your items no matter how long the list is

Privacy and Security

We protect the privacy of our retailers and do not share their information with marketplaces or any other source at any cost

Reporting and Analytics

Generate reports at the click of a button and get better insights into your business performance

Lost Package Seller Claim

Receive a remainder when it is right time to put the claim from daraz

Stores Integration with Inventory Management made easy

Manage multiple online e-commerce stores integration, where to transfer stock between them and generate reports to get better insights about inventory management with one-spot inventory management system.


Multi location warehouse management

Add multiple warehouses and also control the flow of stock between your store and warehouses, located at different locations with a single application.