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September 12, 2022Daraz

Founded in 2012 as an online fashion shop, Daraz. pk is the first and most popular e-commerce platform in Pakistan. Since then, it has expanded to become a general marketplace for businesses and increase goods such as electronics, home appliances, and clothing.

Online retailer Daraz sells name-brand items in the categories of clothing, accessories, jewelry, footwear, and apparel for both men and women.

Promoting your Daraz store on numerous social media groups is one strategy to draw customers’ attention. Additionally, you may provide these customers with discount tickets to use, which will drive a lot of traffic to your store.

Maintaining the lowest pricing in the selected subcategory while making a profit is an additional choice.

All year long, Pakistan has a high demand for Daraz products and an expanding Daraz company. Online businesses are establishing themselves as the next best option for shopping or Daraz selling as e-commerce continues to grow.

It is crucial that you keep track of Daraz product information if you are a small business owner and manage a small to medium-sized company that is focused on online Daraz sales and wants to increase earnings and online sales.

Start by adding your Daraz products to the Daraz Toolkit. How thoroughly the product is listed is the most significant selling element when it comes to internet sales. As a result, it’s crucial that you provide informative descriptions and maintain your online shop updated with your Daraz product listings.

Sell on daraz infographicsCheck

People go to Daraz and look for the things they want. Each Daraz search returns a number of products on the first page of the results. Buyers typically only look at page 1 and do not turn to the subsequent pages. Consequently, it’s critical that your product listing appears on page 1.

Drive External Traffic to Your Listed Daraz

To rank on page one, you must drive external traffic to your listed Daraz.

Employ Super URL

Many Daraz vendors merely utilize their product listing URL for social media marketing and outside traffic, but the Daraz super URL will yield the best results. Daraz chooses its own ranking technique because it is unsure of how many URL words it needs to rank your products. By doing this, you run the risk of missing crucial keywords for ranking.

All of the nation’s internet users were viewed as prospective consumers by Daraz. However, the majority of the clients were located in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

Although the percentage of male and female clients was almost equal, it varied from section to section. By doing work in these cities or on the internet they can increase their earnings.

Daraz has grown to become one of the top e-commerce platforms in the Asian industry. In nations where the idea of e-commerce was still novel and people were afraid to shop online, it has helped the concept become more widely accepted.

On the one hand, this popularization has increased chances in the e-commerce sector, but on the other, it has also made the rivalry in the sector more intense. Consequently, getting sales on websites like Daraz is more difficult than ever.

Search the Top Selling Products and Increase Sales On Daraz

You can select an interest category and search Daraz for the product using the associated keywords. You may learn more about the goods that sell the best in the category and the monthly volume achieved by the top sellers by conducting a competitive analysis in the market.

A search for infant items, for instance, will turn up numerous results. However, focusing on a single category and offering variations in the few subcategories you select can be accomplished by narrowing your selection of products to the top four or five, such as clothing, accessories, infant care, etc.

Offer Discounts

A market penetration strategy is a tried and tested way for small-scale and even large-scale brands to get a share in the market. Similarly, if you are new to Daraz or want to increase your sales, you might lower the price.

One way to attract buyers is by promoting your Daraz store on various groups on social media. In addition, you can offer voucher codes for these buyers to redeem, which can attract significant traffic to your store. Another option is to keep the lowest price in the chosen sub-category while making some profit. This way, you can attract buyers and move up your product listing.

Since free is a word that attracts customers, you can initially offer free delivery on your products to help customers make the purchase decision and choose your product over the competitor offerings. This is another way to improve your product’s positioning.

Your product will naturally attract more potential customers once it appears on the front page, leading to a sizable increase in sales. However, if you have already reduced your pricing for a campaign, make sure you still have some room for error because flash sales call for even deeper price cuts. You would want customers, but not at the expense of your earnings, right?

A seller rating of at least 60% is necessary for the criteria known as “Seller Picks.” This is a result of your work, reviews, prompt delivery, and low cancellation rate. When a buyer searches using related keywords, your products are therefore display at the bottom of the first search results page.

Continue to Perform Well

Participating in campaigns and flash discounts can increase your product listing and also drive traffic to your business. But if your performance is lacking it will only have a temporary impact.

Although a 60% seller rating may be required to be included in the “Seller Picks,” you cannot stay in the same position on the search results page.

You must guarantee that you:

  • Have a cancellation rate that is less than 4% – You can only achieve this if your inventory management skills are sufficient.
  • 90% of your orders should be delivered on time; you can achieve this by making orders with the delivery service in a timely manner.
  • Keep the rating – The product’s quality should match the description.

Centralize the management of your inventory

You’ll probably take part in campaigns and sales that receive a lot of advertising. Additionally, if you wish to advance in a category that ranks well on Daraz.

Therefore, it’s crucial to keep up your performance while you’re receiving a lot of orders at once. When you maintain performance, you guarantee that you are meeting the seller’s performance standards. Defined by Daraz, such as prompt order fulfillment and refraining from allowing your cancellation rate to go beyond 4%.

You would probably be canceling a lot of orders due to stockouts if your inventory management systems were not in place.

Additionally, orders placed with delivery services may not deliver on time. If you don’t do it in a timely manner, which would negatively affect your account.

Your concerns about inventory management, accounting management, and order fulfillment may resolve with the Nvntri system.  You can better manage all your daraz and e-commerce stores with Nvntri.

Nvntri is a user-friendly inventory management system that can help you in managing your multi-Daraz stores with just one click.

The system has a powerful dashboard that provides important sales, orders, and orders Status data with filter options. Nvntri system also allows you to have detailed insights into sales, orders, stores, and payment methods.

You can use Facebook Ads to promote your Daraz products, which will help you boost sales. Participating in Daraz campaigns is another thing you should do.

However, your rating may impact if you participate in Daraz advertisements while ranking keywords on the platform.

It is not surprising that Pakistan has a growing online electronics market. And also a  high year-round demand for electronics products and devices. The sale is especially strong throughout the summer!

Online stores have become the next-best option for buying and selling. Due to the growth of e-commerce and the increasing reliance on digital consumerism in this day and age. If you own a small to medium-sized business that specializes in online electronics sales. If you want to increase your profits and sales online. It’s critical that your online store is set up in a way that makes it obvious to buyers and also increases traffic to your website.

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