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How to Rank your Product on the Daraz Seller Center?

December 16, 2022Daraz

If you are looking forward to rank your product on the Daraz seller center then you have come to the right place. This article will walk you through the process on how to get your product highly ranked on Daraz and generate authentic sales for an era to come.

The e-commerce market having extremely low barriers to enter is arguably seeing cutthroat competition right now. While there are no doubts that it is the key to the growth of the e-commerce industry, as a seller, achieving that milestone can be a mammoth task.

When beginning sales on the Daraz seller center or launching a new product, a question that always crosses the mind of every seller is ‘How to rank higher on Daraz to get better sales volume? We are here with that answer for you.

Ranking your Product through the Daraz Seller Center

For generating sales in the e-commerce industry, one needs to know about the algorithms and web crawlers that rank your product listing on Google and their respective eCommerce store of choice.

A recent study conducted in 2021 has made some revelations that might be astonishing to a lot of local sellers: a total of 45% of the total traffic on Daraz is directed through Google. This presents an outstanding opening for sellers to rank their products on Google while enjoying improved traffic and sales volume to increase the product ranking.

Also bear in mind that the product ranking on Daraz is highly dependent on the sales volume and listing optimization, which paves way for numerous techniques like bleeding, to increase the artificial product ranking before actually generating any real sales.

This technique works great when dealing with small and niche categories. However, it is ill-advisable to pursue this technique when dealing with categories with higher volumes.

Here are the aforementioned two techniques to generate authentic sales and get a high product ranking on the Daraz seller center.

Technique#1:Optimize your Listing

The first and foremost technique that helps drive traffic from Google is pretty basic: using SEO tools to optimize the product listing. Following are a few effective SEO techniques that can help your product get identify by web crawlers and indexed on the first page of the Google search.

Title Optimization

First things first: you can start optimizing your listing on Daraz using the Daraz seller tools to optimize your title. But before that, it’s better to start by searching relevant keywords for your product.

A blunder that most sellers make here is creating an elaborate list of keywords instead of finding the main one. Here’s how to identify the main keywords:

  • Main keywords have a high search volume on Google
  • Main keywords are rarely too long
  • Main keywords do not contain adjectives
  • Main keywords are used by the competitors (so a good competitor analysis will come in pretty handy)

When doing a competitor analysis, research the products listed on top of your category and then compare them with the keywords your competitors are using in their titles. Through this process, you can conduct thorough research on the search volume of the title to verify if you have identified two or more main keywords.


Once you have singled out your main keyword, you can begin with the next step: creating a title. To begin with, keep your crosshairs set on the length of the title. Make sure it is not too long so it is include in the title when the automatic URL is created and is short enough for the crawlers to index.

Keyword Placement

Once you have the title length all sorted out, you can get down to the second step: keyword placement. Make sure you place the keyword in the beginning or after 1-2 adjectives max to guarantee it pops up in the search results and ensures a better click-through rate.

Attractive is better

Make it attractive image

Third, when writing down the title of a product, make sure there are adjectives thrown in the mix going that go hand in hand with numbers. The numbers highly signify the quality of your product for example the “5-speed turbo” or can be helpful when including the model number of the respective product.

Description Optimization

With the title optimized, let’s move towards optimizing the description.


Since the web crawlers go through the first 100 words web crawlers of the description of the product listing to make sense of what the product offers and index it accordingly, it is recommended to keep the product description length beyond that. Nevertheless, make sure to keep it relevant to the respective product and ensure it defines every feature and benefit of the product to the potential customer.

LSI Keywords Placement

Latent Semantic Index or LSI keywords are words and phrases that Google sees as semantically-related to a topic—at least according to many in the SEO community.

For example, if you’re talking about bikes, then LSI keywords might be motorcycles, engines, roads, tires, vehicles, gearboxes, etc. There are numerous ways to find out LSI keywords through Google. Once you have found the relevant keywords, you can use them in the description for Google web crawlers to identify your product according to them.

Improved Multimedia Inclusion

Another great practice to perk up the indexing process and the add-to-cart rate is adding multiple pictures of the product, videos, and additional photos in the description. Furthermore, it will certify your product as authentic and, thus, generate the clicks needed to push your product listing to a higher rank.

Technique#2:Sales Volume Ranking

Sale volume ranking

Now that we know a bit about increasing the click-through rate, it is high time we apprehend its significance of it. An optimized listing product will be outperforme by a product listing with higher sales.

Daraz’s algorithm sees the product with higher sales volume as more relevant to the audience thus products with higher sales values keep ranking high. While the others push down toward the abyss of the lower ranks.

Though artificial means can increase sales volumes, the practice is not advisable for the long term. However, we have a tried and tested procedure to upsurge the ranking through sales volume:

Step 1:Engage in a Campaign

There are almost weekly campaigns on Daraz. Seeing the consumer volume generated with these campaigns, participating in these is a sure shot to increase sales. The first step is to engage in a campaign and set the lowest price in the category.

Remember: Bigger Discounts mean bigger shopping volumes

Since the sales volume in campaigns is inversely proportional to your pricing. Furthermore, the smaller your price is, the better your order volume will be. Though, make sure to list it at a price that gives you a small margin and does not prove a suffering loss. This is important for the fact that in the following steps, a further price drop might ensue.

Step 2: Participate in Daraz Flash Sales

Flash sale

The criterion for participating in a Daraz flash sale is securing and fulfilling at least 30 orders in the last month. Once the seller qualifies for the flash sale, he needs to decrease the price further from the original listing price.

Trust us when we say that you don’t want a myriad of products in your inventory for a flash sale. This is because we wouldn’t want you to sell all your merchandise at such a small margin and be sold out on your first sale.

Once the flash sale is over, you need to wait for another flash sale which usually circles back in a time of a fortnight. This time around, you won’t need to participate in a campaign thus you won’t have to reduce your prices further. With fewer inventories to offer the second time, slowly and gradually, you would want to increase the quantity based on the demand.

Remember that it is ill-advise to increase the quantity a lot as it will have a negative impact on the performance metrics of the Daraz Seller Center.

By the time your sales volume gets better through Daraz flash sales; your product might already have secured its place in the first two pages of the keyword search in Daraz.

Step 3: Maintain Rating and Reviews

Last but not least: this is the most significant concern throughout the process. All through your sales, maintaining a good rating and reviews is crucial for a higher rank.

It’s best not to let your average rating fall below 4, but if a bad review does come up, you need to ease the respective customer and offer an exchange to improve your rating.

Keep in mind that good reviews on your product attract more customers as well as higher product ranking, resulting in a better sales volume altogether.

To sum up, ranking your product on Daraz Seller Center is a crucial factor in increasing your sales and visibility on the platform.

By following the tips outlined in this blog, such as optimizing your product titles and descriptions, using relevant keywords, and keeping your ratings high. You can also improve your product’s ranking and reach a wider audience on Daraz.

It’s also important to remember that the competition on Daraz is fierce, so it’s important to continuously monitor and optimize your product listings to stay ahead of the curve.

With the right strategies and effort. You can also effectively rank your product on Daraz and drive more sales for your business.

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