Is it worth to sell on Daraz?

Is it worth it to sell on Daraz?

December 20, 2022Daraz

The business on Daraz significantly increased its revenue within the first three years of its launch. The company generated approximately 4.9 million USD in sales in Pakistan by the end of the fiscal year 2015(Daraz’s financial year ended on June 30). At that point, Daraz decided to significantly grow by enabling outside sellers to sell their goods on its site.

In Pakistan, Daraz adopted the same approach as Amazon. It began its journey with a single vertical before diversifying its product line. There were books in Amazon’s case and clothing in Daraz’s instance. Daraz began selling branded garments and footwear to Pakistan’s upper-middle-class consumers.

Daraz also began as a direct seller, similar to Amazon. According to Bjarke Mikkelsen, worldwide CEO of Daraz, “We’ve accumulated $50 million so far, and we’ve specified hundreds of millions of dollars for Pakistan throughout the three years for logistics services, regional technological solutions, continuing to expand Daraz University, and improving the customer experience.”

 In 2023, online purchasing will grow quickly. People all across the world have shifted to internet purchasing for all other necessities since the introduction of COVID-19. Shopping is now only a click away, and customers can do it in comfort and privacy.

If you’d like to order anything and have it delivered right to your door without leaving your house, The success of e-commerce is a result of technological innovation. It has facilitated the selling and buying of items successfully. Even though Pakistanis joined this trend later than other nations, they are benefiting more from it.

People are shifting away from using traditional retail outlets and switching to internet stores. People can purchase a wide range of goods online, including food, groceries, apparel, shoes, bags, cosmetics, mobile accessories, and much more. We also have access to internet services in addition to these products. Online reservations are available for cabs, plane seats, spas, and many more services.

Popular website in Pakistan

The most popular website in Pakistan is Daraz. This platform is the most well-known, has a wide range of prices, and is great for seasonal deals. It has hundreds of thousands of items from both national and international markets and a large number of customers. Every month, it serves millions of people nationwide.

Both methods make it simple for people to reach the site for their shopping convenience. Daraz offers a wide range of goods, including fashion for both men and women, cell phones, tablets, watches, luggage, toys for children, skincare, health care, clothes, and much more. The  Daraz seller center account gives you 0% commission rates. It also offers accessibility to millions of clients for your products.

To take advantage of the growing popularity of Meta platforms,i.e., Facebook and Instagram-based sellers at the time, Daraz sought to attract as many of them to its platform as possible. In exchange for moving over to its platform, these sellers would pay Daraz a fee for the listing and, in some cases, fulfillment services.

Join Daraz to start your online store and benefit the digital economy

What is the value of selling on Daraz? With a Daraz seller center account, you get access to millions of customers. In addition, Daraz assists your business by providing quick and reliable shipping, expert assistance to support you, no listing charge, fast and reliable delivery, safe and on-time payment, and much more.

Advantages of Selling on Daraz

Advantages of selling on daraz

These are the 5 Advantages of Selling on Daraz:

Although there are many advantages to operating an online business, in this article we have focused specifically on the advantages of operating a business on Daraz.Take a look at these advantages and modernize your company.

Free registration

Having a sufficient amount of money for the items and a location to sell them is the primary concern when beginning a business.By providing an online store without a registration fee, Daraz has reduced the importance of this idea. Simply sign up, register, and upload products, and you can start to sell in less than two days.

Promote nationwide

Imagine launching a brand and investing more in marketing it to customers than you did in the business itself. It seems more like a waste than an effort to make a firm profitable. Daraz has greatly facilitated the process by connecting you to a large market. It offers you a marketplace where you can sell goods throughout Pakistan.

Access Clients in Millions

The best mega-platform for reaching millions of clients is, without a doubt, Daraz. Not only can you offer them your goods, but you may also get immediate feedback for growing your company. Knowing the public’s interest in various products will also enable you to tailor your sales strategy.

Quick and Reliable Shipping

Daraz offers all of its vendors quick and reliable product shipping. All you have to do is accept online orders, correctly package them, and leave the rest to Daraz. They make certain to deliver to customers in a timely and ethical manner.

Quick Payments

Daraz supports sellers in the most effective way to grow their businesses since it cares about them. Daraz thinks about paying the merchants for their transactions on time while taking this into account. Order payments can be received immediately in your account.

What is the worth of selling on Daraz?

This is the most frequently asked question about Daraz by our clients.”You get direct access to millions and millions of clients for your items with a Daraz seller account.”Therefore, the answer is yes, based on how you handle your account.

According to our client’s individual experiences as sellers on Daraz, below are a few benefits.

  1. It only takes a few minutes to sign up and start selling. The shop verification procedure may take some time, but you may acquire packaging supplies and begin uploading products before your store is live, making you ready to accept and ship orders.
  2. There is still plenty of room, so if you bring your original products, they will undoubtedly come out on top. Daraz still lacks a wide range of items that are offered in local markets.
  3. Almost all payments are made according to schedule.
  4. The staff at Hubs is incredibly helpful and will answer any questions you may have.
  5. Daraz stores offer a reliable passive income source that you can pursue in addition to your day job
  6. There is no SKU restriction; you can upload 100, 1000, or even 10,000 items.

How much money can one make using Daraz?

How much money can one make using Daraz

Selling on Daraz has many advantages. Here we may calculate approximately the amount of profit you can earn, keeping in mind that being fortunate is very important to stand out in a market like Daraz.

Daraz deducts a tiny portion of the commission fee from the payments of the orders, according to the specifics, product categories and types. The amount of each product’s commission varies depending on the category it belongs to. You can make good money through Daraz with a small investment and a low commission if you get the opportunity to sell your products. You can earn anywhere between Rs.500 to Rs.5,00,000 per month.

If you are looking for a quick way to make money, then selling on Daraz is the way to go! The best part about selling on Daraz is that it is easy and convenient. The process of selling is simple, and you can do it from anywhere in the world.

Is Daraz free for sellers?

On Daraz, starting a store is entirely free. However, a little portion of the commission is deducted by Daraz from the payment for your orders.

The amount of each product commission varies depending on the category it belongs to. As long as brands and business owners decide to sell on Daraz,they ask many questions regarding the registration fee to become a seller on Daraz.

We have tried to answer the maximum number of frequently asked questions so we can provide complete and detailed information to the sellers.

Will I be charged anything to sign up to sell on Daraz?

There is no fee to register. There is no registration fee for sellers on Daraz. For what you sell, you only have to pay a tiny commission.

Without NTN, can I register as an independent seller?

Yes! You may.

I don’t have a GST registration. Can I continue to submit my application?

You may apply even if you haven’t registered for GST, thus the answer is yes.

What are the requirements under the law to register as a seller on Daraz?

Those that are new sellers must:

  • Publish a picture of a blank check
  • Give your CNIC number if you’re a private seller and your NTN number if you’re a company seller.

Note: The title of the bank account should match the legal name(CNIC/NTN). There must be a front and rear image of the CNIC. An image of the NTN License must be submitted in the case of a registered business.

  • Sellers shouldn’t deal with any unapproved, duplicate, or counterfeit goods.

How do I verify my commission on Daraz?

Daraz commission

Daraz is one of the best examples of new technological advancements or online brands. It is an e-commerce platform that is expanding quickly in the modern era. Visit the Daraz University section from your Daraz Seller Center account to find out how much commission would be applied to your product. You can find a complete list of commission percentages on charges by scrolling down and selecting “Marketplace Commission Structure” from there. 

What products will be hot in 2023?

Do you know what will be the most trending and demanding products on Daraz Pakistan in 2023? In order to operate a successful Daraz store, it is crucial to keep track of the hottest products. As product demand and popularity are constantly changing, staying on top of trends will enable you to make the most sales and earn more profits.

However, choosing which things to offer can be challenging and time-consuming due to the always-shifting trends. Fortunately, we are here to help you. This article will identify, by niche, the top 35 hot-selling products for 2023 to sell on Daraz.

We will also provide up-to-date statistics, Google Trends data, and practical marketing advice. You can hopefully know more about selling hot items online on Daraz after reading this blog.

The hottest items to sell on Daraz in 2023 will be accessories and hi-tech gadgets.

  • Films and screen protectors
  • Wireless power supply units
  • Smartphone covers
  • Smartwatches
  • Tripods for mobiles
  • Handsfree & smart microphones

Furthermore, consumer electronics will be popular items to sell online in 2023.

  • Earbuds 
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Drone devices

Products related to cars will be in demand online in 2023.

  •  Back cameras
  • Covers for car seats
  • LED lights for cars
  • Phone holders for cars
  • Vehicle organizer products
  • Air freshener for cars
  • USB chargers for cars
  • Wireless vacuum cleaners for cars   

Online sales trends for 2023 include inexpensive smart home products.

  • A smart plug
  • LED smart lamps
  • Automatic temperature sensors
  • Electronic wall switch
  • Wireless Charger in Sleek Black
  • LED nightlight

Bathroom items will be popular items to offer online in 2023.

  • Towel holder and showerhead
  • Hair clips
  • Modern soap dispenser
  • Bathroom brush

Fashion products will be a popular and in-demand item to sell in 2023.

  • Head scarf or Bandana
  • Puffy sleeves clothing
  • Classy blue attire
  • Shaping inner wears 

Sports and travel will be big sellers in 2023.

  • Sports water bottles
  • Exercise mats
  • Protective bands

2023 predictions for popular goods include accessories for beauty.

  • Jewels for makeup
  • Nail art
  • Hair bobby pins and catchers 


The conclusion is the worth of selling on Daraz is high. It is not only about earning money, but also about getting the opportunity to earn from home. There are many ways to sell products on Daraz, and you can choose the one that suits your needs.

You can sell your products in different ways such as a single item or an entire collection of products. A lot of people have made money by selling their products on Daraz and there are many more who want to make money by selling their products too. The question is whether you should start selling right now or not.

It depends on how much time you want to spend online, how much money you want to earn and how much time you need for your business. If you want to spend hours online, then it will be better if you don’t start selling right now.

Otherwise, if you don’t have any interest in anything else except selling things online then it will be better if you start now because even if it takes a few days or weeks for you to make some money, at least then you will have something going on and this will help.

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