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Top 10 Best inventory management system in 2022

September 19, 2022E-commerce

You can forecast your future sales, help consumers identify products more quickly, and restock your shelves before you run out of stock by keeping track of your inventory. Since this process is not simple, there are many different types and strategies of the Inventory management system to take into account depending on your unique business requirements. To monitor, predict, and reorder things as needed, you can choose the best program by first identifying them.

There are numerous instances of Inventory management systems used in various organizations. If you’re prepared to look into your options, you can read this in-depth overview of the top 10 best Inventory management solutions.

Inflow Inventory management system

Inflow inventory

This Windows and Microsoft SQL-based Inventory management system is ideal for large and mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries. InFlow Inventory provides a variety of customization choices, stock management, billing, reporting, and other services to meet the specific requirements of your company.

  • A top-notch customer service staff
  • On-premises or cloud deployment with instant synchronization
  • Available for a free 14-day trial

Cin7 Inventory management system

Cin7 inventory management system

Inventory and order management are both handled by Cin7, an omnichannel solution. Users may easily interface with other accounting, eCommerce, and shipping services and also thanks to a large number of accessible third-party integrations. For wholesale and B2B product sales, it provides enhanced functionality and flexibility.

  • Easy integration 
  • Over 50 different kinds of market integration
  • FIFO

Zoho Inventory management system

ZOHO Inventory

You will gain a lot from using Zoho’s free plan as a new online store owner since it will help you get started. In order to give you early insight into the operation of your new business, Zoho provides real-time FIFO data in Inventory management. You may create an appropriate budget and future plan to grow more by evaluating the information.

  • Reasonable costs
  • A free program is offered
  • Cloud-based


Nvntri system

One-spot Inventory management is a user-friendly platform where you can manage all your daraz and eCommerce stores in one place. Now run your company successfully and efficiently from a single location. 

Decision-makers understand the importance of having an Inventory management system that can scale with them. Nvntri provides cloud-based inventory management solutions that are ideal for businesses of any size, with automated replenishment and tracking in multiple locations. Furthermore, nvntri is an all-in-one Inventory management system with fantastic features such as Local store management—with this dynamic management feature, you can stock and track your local store.

Nvntri system software’s “one-stop Inventory management solution” has made it easier to manage numerous Daraz stores and local stores, transfer merchandise between them, and generate reports to have a better understanding of your inventory.

It includes a powerful dashboard with vital information for you, easy integration and reporting, and Inventory management. Managing multiple online stores has never been easier.

Reporting and analytics provide faster and more accurate insights into a company’s performance.

Retailers’ privacy is valued by Nvntri, and we will never, ever give out any of your data to any marketplace or other source.

Learn how to use Nvntri to automatically manage inventory, reduce handling costs, and increase cash flow.

An all-in-one Inventory management system with fantastic features:

  • Powerful Dashboard
  • Manage Multiple Stores 
  • Simple Integration
  • Insights and Reporting
  • Reporting and Insights
  • Push and Pull 
  • SKU Generator 
  • Reduce the Number of Stock Management Staff 
  • Create and Manage WooCommerce 

It is essential to check out the platform’s features to see if your procedures will work with them. To try the software at zero cost, you can sign up for Nvntri free here. 

Denali (Cougar Mountain Software)

Denali inventory

A fantastic software program called Denali Business combines many business administration tools, such as Denali Inventory Management, Point of Sal1e Management, Accounts, Payroll, and Purchase Orders. The premium plans are ideal for small to medium businesses because they can cover all facets of your company and promote growth.

  • Credible company with excellent business management solutions
  • There is a one-time payment and no monthly commitment.
  • Customer service that is prompt and dependable


Acumatica inventory

Through its real-time stock management solution, Acumatica assists your company in improving profitability, customer service, and sales. The software includes numerous useful features that aid in item location, stock inventory, and forecasting. This is an excellent solution for any industry when combined with a cloud-based ERP system.

  • Consistent software experience
  • With each new release, there are updates and improvements.
  • Reliable and safe

Netsuite (Oracle)

Oracle net suit inventory

Oracle’s NetSuite cloud-based ERP software automates and integrates a number of key functions to streamline business processes. Its comprehensive Inventory management product includes all of the features required to keep track of stock in multiple locations. It has a high monthly cost, but it eliminates the need for other integrations.

  • Counting cycles automatically
  • Different units of measurement can be used to categorize items.
  • A software developer who comes highly recommended and rated

Asset Panda

Asset panda

Asset Panda offers a cloud-based technology system that allows you to keep track of your company’s assets and know exactly where everything is. You can assign permissions for various assets to departments or employees to ensure that they are well cared for and that any repairs made on them are tracked. On their mobile devices, users can manage the software.

  • Accessible via an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Completely customizable
  • Configurable user access is available.



Brightpearl enables you to grow your business more quickly and profitably. It’s an excellent choice for retail outlets and eCommerce merchants looking for Inventory management software. The system facilitates communication between customers and suppliers and provides you with transparent information about your sales performance.


odoo Inventory system

Odoo has over 10,000 apps that can customize to meet the needs of your business. Instead of purchasing software from multiple developers, you can purchase a fully integrated system from Odoo. Finally, lowering costs and errors while increasing productivity.

  • Completely cloud-based
  • Simple to expand and develop
  • Payment plans that are customizable

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